For the past couple of weeks I have been preparing for the track.  

I got my Regas repaired for the last time so I can use them there but I also bought some rsr’s for my grenades just in case. 

Also got a new helmet, some gloves, project my rear pads, oil & filter, new side skirts and a buncha paint and primer for them. 


Black Magic

Recent pictures and also I’m going to start using this more often since I set it up with my new phone and also wifey started blogging 

Follow her here lyonsrovr

New Post

with old pics, I’m currently putting together that integra behind the 14 together to become my daily driver, mainly so i can go full dive into the car without having to worry about being at work in a couple hours with the car. The car also has some on going electrical problems, also have a spare rear subframe that i want to completely overhaul with solid bushing, welded braces..etc, and still haven’t decided either to stick ka and hopefully have a tomei inspired motor, or of course an sr2O , also still need to swap transmission. Hopefully can have this blog updated more



Havent updated this thing in awhile mostly because I’m just on instagram all the time. @dvrkmagician

I also just put up stickers forsale for anyone interested!


Some rollers

Also Went to autocon w/ the team nuisance guys!

Little Update

Trying to save some money so nothing really new,

my litttle bro painted my kouki sides and front bumper

also took out the passenger seat so i can chill out and spread my legs on my lunch breaks at work

also got some new “dark magician” vinyls made up

other than that it hasn’t changed much, just driving it everywhere

The latest

Haven’t been on here for awhile idk if anybody really follows me here

I made an Instagram recently also, @dvrkmagician since darkmagician is taken

Here are some more recent pics




PSM Pro.